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Slushy Machines Hire in Perth for Making Tasty Frozen Cocktail

Are you looking for cocktail machines for an upcoming event? Do your guests like slushies and frozen cocktails?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have exactly what you need – a great frozen cocktail machine for hire in Perth!

At Arctic Chill, our cocktails machines provide cool drinks for fun get togethers. Not only that, but we have also created and perfected 20 uniquely delicious cocktails. These drinks only use the finest ingredients and your favourite liquors. Our advanced machines then blend the drink perfectly, leading to an amazing taste and texture.

That’s why our frozen signature cocktails are always a huge hit and get everybody talking about the party. These machines can also make delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic slushies which are great for your guests who cannot drink alcohol including kids. They are perfect for any event from weddings to company celebrations and parties for kids.


Wide Range of Slushie Flavors

Try a slush machine for hire for a children’s party or school event in Perth. For these events we can provide slushies that taste like fruit, cola or even lemonade. Kids love our unique and interesting flavours, as well as the smooth texture and chilly feel.

For the adults, our wide range of alcoholic cocktails can be used to make daiquiris, coladas, margaritas and much more. We have cocktail recipes that can accommodate the preferences of everyone, whether they like vodka, rum, tequila, gin or anything else.

Our slushie machines for hire also save you time and effort so you can concentrate on entertaining your guests and having fun. Making the drinks is incredibly convenient and freezes fast – they will be ready to drink within two hours from the moment you turn the machine on.

For your convenience, we can also drop off and pick up the machines throughout the Perth metropolitan area. We understand how important your event is, which is why we always deliver and collect the machines on time. We can also provide a variety of plastic drinkware such as martini glasses, slushie cups, spoons, lids and more.

Call us today to get a slushie machine for hire. With these machines, your guests are guaranteed to love the cocktails and slushies, and have a blast at your party!


The Machines

Our modern machines are at the cutting edge of technology, which is why they make drinks with great tastes and pleasing textures. They are easy to use and practically make the beverages themselves, providing you with a hassle free experience. Their fast freeze technology ensures that the drinks are finished in less than two hours so that your guests don’t have to wait. The machines can be used to make 60 drinks all the way up to 180 drinks.

They are also safe to operate and completely sanitary. There is an automatic safety feature which makes the mixers stop turning when the lid is opened. The dispensing system is specifically designed to deliver the highest level of hygiene.


The Drinks and Recipes

Our unique and delicious drinks are another element that sets us apart. We have tasty recipes for everyone at your party, no matter what their preferences are. When you combine our machines and awesome beverages, you get a fun party that no one will forget.

For cocktail hire, we offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages from sweet and fruity to rich and creamy. One of our favorites is the Singapore Sling made with gin, granita, pineapple, lime juice and bitters. It’s perfect for a hot summer day!

Another great recipe is for the Mudslide, a decadent blend of Bailey’s, Kahlua, milk and real Belgian chocolate. Other popular cocktails include our peach bellini, strawberry colada, red gladiator, head rush, tequila sunrise and many more.

If you are looking for children’s drinks, then we also have a variety of options. Kids especially love our blue lemonade slushie as it looks cool and tastes great. Raspberry, grape, strawberry, orange, mango and cola are also very popular among children.

Contact one of our friendly representatives today to learn more about our amazing machines and frozen drinks.


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